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Strawberry is a popular flavor in many desserts and beverages. Use Joe's Organic Strawberry Syrup to add this favorite flavor to Italian soda's, cocktails, lemonade, ice tea, desserts and Coffee beverages. Made with select natural ingredients and pure organic cane sugar, Joe's Organic Strawberry Syrup is a versatile addition to your flavor lineup.

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3 Reviews

Mom Jul 22nd 2021

Great flavor and great to know what it has!

The strawberry is wonderful! You can't go wrong! A lot of companies hide their ingredients behind the word flavor so you don't know exactly what is in it. Not this company! Give it a try! You definitely won't regret it. It is even approved by my picky child that loves strawberries!

Kotaro Jun 14th 2018


I bought Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, and Mango syrup for the beach trip last month with many of my friends (more than 25 people). We used these syrup for shaved ice and then ranked them. No 1. Strawberry syrup: The best fragrance and the best flavor. No 2. Peach: as good as Strawberry, but my kids loved Strawberry more. No. 3 Mango: The fragrance and flavor were a little bit less than those of Strawberry and Mango, but I still enjoy it very much. No. 4 Raspberry: It had the least natural fragrance and flavor but it must be due to the fact that real Raspberry itself does not have strong fragrance and flavor. Overall, I really enjoyed each syrup and definitely will buy them again. I strongly recommend you to use these syrup for shaved ice and carbonated water!

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