Our Story

Joe Meinhardt is the founder and owner of Joe’s Organic Syrup. His journey in the organic coffee syrup business is one of passion and perseverance. He began his career in the coffee business with Coffee Bean International out of Portland, Oregon in 1988. In 2007 disaster struck and he lost his wife to cancer. He was left to raise two young children alone and needed flexible hours to be there for them.

Ever the entrepreneur, Joe began repairing coffee roasting and brewing equipment and also teaching others how to roast and blend coffee. In 2008, Joe had a customer ask him to formulate and produce some coffee syrups for his chain of coffee stores in Salem. Joe was intrigued by the request but also knew he did not want to produce a syrup that had artificial sweeteners, dyes or preservatives.

With the assistance of his ten-year-old son, Joel, they began experimenting with All Natural recipes in their kitchen! Within a few months they were selling a line of Premium Natural coffee syrups. Inspired by increasing sales, Joe began to build his own processing plant from scratch. (A man of many talents, Joe is also an accomplished engineer and electrician.)

The plant was up and running by 2013. By now Joe had a line of twelve All Natural syrup flavors, and his list of customers was growing, so Joe decided it was time to pursue the process to be Certified Organic. He completed the complex certification Process in June of 2013. Today Joe’s Organic Syrup has a variety of 22 flavors.

We are a family business and our employees are part of our family. Joe makes sure we all maintain his high standards. We take pride in our syrup and taste-test every batch to make sure it’s not just Certified Organic, but also certified delicious.