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Not too hot and not too cold, our cinnamon syrup is just right! Add to a mocha to make a Mexican mocha, cinnamon is great on its own or added to a number of flavors. Mixed with Caramel it tastes like cinnamon sugar on toast.

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4 Reviews

A soul touched by syrups Jul 14th 2024

Just perfect

I am going to give a perfect review to all of the syrups that I have tried from Joe’s because they really are all just perfect. There is one syrup that will get the five-star review AND a higher-than-perfect comment, but that is not this one. The cinnamon is very excellent though.

Roger White May 24th 2023


My coffee life has been buying flavored creamer until I bothered to watch a coffee shop make me a latte. NOW I make all my own at home, cinnamon is a key ingredient. Highly recommend.

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