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Joe's Organic Coconut syrup is versatile. It's flavor pairs well with sweet, bitter and salty flavors. Many desserts, Cocktails and coffee drinks use this tropical delight. This flavor is key to making the "Almond Joy" and "Mounds" lattes. Joe's Organic Coconut Syrup gives you a fantastic coconut flavor to all your candy bar and tropical-inspired beverages. Made with all natural organic complaint flavors and pure organic cane sugar, Joe's Organic Coconut Flavored Syrup is a highly recommended for creating many specialty beverages.

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7 Reviews

Emily Nov 19th 2020


Lovely! A bit earthy on its own, but have yet to try it in a mocha! Excited!

Patti Nov 5th 2020

Coconut and Sea Salted Caramel

Absolutely fabulous!

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