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Fresh... Ripe... Tart...   This tropical secret is now a favorite round the world.  Available all year. Made with care, using organic cane sugar, organic Mango, and just enough citric acid to give it the tartness of a fresh Mango, right off the tree.

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2 Reviews

Brenda Williams May 7th 2020

Mango Syrup

I just received my first order of the Mango Syrup. I like the fact the Mango syrup has NO artificial ingredients, more so corn syrup. I used it on my rice dish, made a sweet/ sour veggie rice dinner. It was delicious. I will keep experimenting with it in various drinks and food recipes. I see the other flavors offered, at this time I feel the Mango allows me to be more versatile. Though I may try the Raspberry to make a home made raspberry vinegar dressing. I am sure all of them will be of great use down the road when I have more time to think about recipes.

Kotaro Jun 14th 2018


I bought Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, and Mango syrup for the beach trip last month with many of my friends (more than 25 people). We used these syrup for shaved ice and then ranked them. No 1. Strawberry syrup: The best fragrance and the best flavor. No 2. Peach: as good as Strawberry, but my kids loved Strawberry more. No. 3 Mango: The fragrance and flavor were a little bit less than those of Strawberry and Mango, but I still enjoy it very much. No. 4 Raspberry: It had the least natural fragrance and flavor but it must be due to the fact that real Raspberry itself does not have strong fragrance and flavor. Overall, I really enjoyed each syrup and definitely will buy them again. I strongly recommend you to use these syrup for shaved ice and carbonated water!

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