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The Flavor of almond has been a favorite for centuries.  Used in many cocktail, dessert and beverage recipes, called by names such as Orgeat, Amaretto and Orzata, the Almond has a delightful and unique flavor.

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2 Reviews

Darylin Linning Jul 31st 2020

A bit disappointed

I wish it tasted more like almond. The predominant taste is just sugar with a hint of almond.

Elise West Apr 4th 2019

Nothing Better

I'm leaving the same review for all of Joe's Syrups, because they really are the best I've found and I've searched high and low for the best. I own a very busy coffee house in southern Utah and Joe's Almond Syrup is, by far, the best I've found. Nothing artificial or fake tasting, just pure goodness and that makes us...and our customers very happy.

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