Half Gallon USDA Organic DARK CHOCOLATE Sauce


Expected release date is Nov 22nd 2023

Your search for an organic chocolate sauce is over!! And now we offer it in a Half gallon size for higher volume coffee shops! Some folks call it Dark Chocolate, others call it Organic Dark Cocoa, others still call it Organic Dutch Chocolate; By any name it is the perfect path to a perfect Mocha.

Whether you are making a Cafe Mocha, a Hot Chocolate, or topping your favorite Ice Cream. You want bold flavor, smooth texture and the knowledge that Organic ingredients slave-free, free of GMO's, vegan and gluten free. Nothing artificial and no preservatives!

If you want to make the perfect Hot Cocoa try our perfect hot chocolate recipe!

For a 12 oz cup use 10 oz of steamed or heated organic whole milk, 3/4oz of Joe's Dutch Chocolate Sauce, 1/2 oz of Joe's Vanilla, and top with Homemade Organic whipped cream! Yummm!

Like every other one of Joe's syrups it tastes great in any drink hot, iced or blended! 12oz FLAVORED MOCHA RECIPE: 1 shot of organic espresso, 9oz of organic steamed milk, 1/4 oz Joe's Organic Dutch Chocolate Sauce, 3/4 oz of your favorite other Organic Joe's Syrup Flavor! Yumm!

PSA: If the chocolate sauce you are using isn't certified Organic, Slave-Free or Fair-Trade there Is no way to guarantee the cocoa wasn't picked by slave labor. We are doing our part to help to end child and adult slave labor in the Cocoa industry! 

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10 Reviews

John Aug 15th 2022

Definitely organic

And if you don't refrigerate it, it will become MORE organic. While a shock, the bigger shock is when you realize how inert the other chocolate syrups are... Still, be advised that you need to treat this like a food product and not a floor cleaner.

David May 26th 2022

Best Sauce Ever

I've been using this chocolate sauce for some time now, and I absolutely love it! The flavor is a rich, dark chocolate that enhances everything. I use it very often as an addition to my coffee, not to mention over ice cream. Since the flavor is nice and rich (without being bitter in any way) I find that I don't need to use a lot of it. I would highly recommend this!

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